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base camp

Come (virtually) cozy up around the fire and let's talk about where you are, where you want be and what yummy, delicious, goodness you desire. This free, 30-minute session will help us know if we are a good match for working together and which offerings are best for helping you reach the pinnacle of health, love and purpose!


life balance sessions

Life balance sessions help bring awareness to the root cause of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual stress that may cause dis-ease within the body. Stressful issues may include self-sabotage, lack of direction, fear of abandonment, inability to set boundaries or speaking your truth, trust issues, financial issues and more. Utilizing intuitive, practical and energetic techniques, we let your body's voice of intuition tell you what you need to know about the cycle of stress and what you can do to change it. Energetic body work completes the session to help clear and balance the body and mind, increase vitality and set you up for a successful integration of the information you receive.


health coaching

As a certified holistic health coach, Anita-Marie will help guide you to determine what goals you want to achieve and formulate attainable action plans. Through guidance, encouragement and accountability, she will provide support to make those dreams a reality. This six-month program includes 12 sessions as well as regular interaction via email and messaging. Health coaching includes access to all of Anita-Marie's courses including her proprietary daily plan, goal setting and planning, confidence and self care, and more. This work also includes a specific look into your unique design related to your strategy and authority to help guide your decision making.

$2,400 - paid in full
$250 - monthly automatic withdrawal

nutition planning

Nurtition is a key part of reaching our highest and best selves and living a life of optimal, health, love and purpose. Food provides the vital energy needed to make sacred dreams come true. Anita-Marie will review your current diet, your concerns, goals and unique design from a variety of aspects to help develop a plan that is suited to your bio-individuality - what you eat, when you eat it, where you eat it - all play into how your body receives the fuel it needs. We will also look at all of the other factors present in your daily life - healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness - and how the are nourishing you. Nutrition planning can be added to any of the other services to provide the additional support your body needs during your healing. This work also includes a specific look into your unique design related to digestion and environment.

Plan without regular support - $300
Plan with monthly support for 1 year - $1,500
Plan with weekly support for 1 year - $3,600

*payment plans available

personality roadmap

Using her background in strategic facilitation, personnel and organizational development and brand identity, her gifts of intuition, a deep understanding of the personality roadmaps that exist in each one of as as well as partnering with the host of gifted resources in Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Meyers Briggs, Strengths Finder, DiSC, etc....Anita-Marie will put together a custom road map that will help you identify your sacred dreams and your unique ability to bring them to fruition. This tool will be an invaluable resource for the rest of your journey! In addition to the plan, a limited number of spots are available for those who desire to have regular guidance, encouragement, accountability and challenge to help them acclimatize and integrate all the information and changes.

Plan only - $1,111

sacred dream brand development

With over 25 years as a marketing executive Anita-Marie can not only help you identify your sacred dream but can also help you bring it to life! She uses traditional branding tools combined with her unique intuitive understanding and your one-of-a-kind human design and soul purpose to develop a brand identity that will communicate all you offer and attract the right clients for you.

Price varies according to needs


While Life Balance Sessions, Road Mapping, and Health Coaching are great on their own, together they combine to create a powerful way to acclimate you for your transformation journey.  Acclimatization is a very deliberate, slow and steady process that prepares you for the sometimes drastic changes ahead.  In addition to the the Base Camp, Road Mapping, Life Balance and Health and Nutrition elements, the Acclimatization Experience also includes 1:1 coaching.

$5,555 for 4 months of bi-weekly coaching
$7,777 for 8 months of bi-weekly coaching
$9,999 for 12 months of bi-weekly coaching
$11,111 f or 12 months of weekly coaching

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