Reflect. Recognize. Recalibrate. Reciprocate. Receive. Release.


The Soul Sherpa: Ascent Membership gives you access to Anita-Marie’s tools for your daily, weekly and monthly rituals and routines (puja) as well as pop-up guidance, Health. Love. Purpose.™ Tips, intuitive readings, and all kinds of other Yummy, Delicious, Goodness.™ including the option to get your own custom, intuitively curated subscription box!  This membership is a must for anyone working with Anita-Marie to identify, heal, honor and integrate root cause and master wounds but is also a wonderful gift to yourself or others to create the life of yummy, delicious, goodness you deserve! 

A Puja is a daily devotion that is common in the mountain treks of the Himalayas and consists of ritual offerings of food, drink, action and prayer.  Anita has adapted that concept to her own life and that of her clients – knowing that tackling the simplest of our daily routines as an act of gratitude, devotion and prayer is key to staying on track.  Using her knowledge as a Holistic Health Coach and her passion for helping everyone reach their highest and best self, Anita has developed a simple, robust, and most importantly, flexible system that will have you looking forward to the day ahead with excitement and going to bed at night with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.  

Add the Y.D.G. Subscription Box to your membership!  The boxes are intuitively curated by Anita-Marie
just for you and will include items that will help connect you to the Divine – essential oils, flower essences, crystals, tokens and cairns that represent your Divine Nine, items for your rituals and more!

As a part of the membership group you will receive:


Each of Anita's well thought, beautifully designed a flexible worksheets for daily, weekly and monthly puja activities.


Anita loves rituals! Whether they are to connect you to your ancestors, mark a lunar event or simply just to celebrate Tuesday she's got them...and you will too!

Pop-Up Coaching

At least once a week, Anita will pop on for targeted 1:1 coaching and q&a to help you problem solve, celebrate your victories and encourage you along the way.

Card Readings

Anita is a gifted intuitive. She will regularly be in the group to do individual readings.

Health & Wellness

Anita is a certified holistic health coach and will bring tips, recipes, and guidance related to physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, spacial, and relational health to help support your daily routines.


You will get to engage with people just as committed as you are to living a life of optimal health, love and purpose!