I combine strategic planning, neuroscience, sales and marketing expertise, communication skills, coaching principles and intuition to help my clients shift and reframe their mindset, handle difficult situations, improve their relationships and reach their goals. I am a conduit for obtaining freedom from the past by bringing new ways of seeing/doing/feeling and helping to integrate the old and the new to create a liberated life. 

I've had 2 BRILLIANT experiences working with Anita...or I should say HER working on me. I am amazed at how quickly she connects and identifies the issues we were navigating. She reached into my heart and pulled out two key specific changes for me to consider in my business and my personal life - both bringing delighted results. In my most recent session she defined a new perspective for my home and within the day's end magic was unfolding. I've worked with plenty of energy workers but never one as spot on and as attentive as this dear, GIFTED WOMAN. There are skills, and then there are GIFTS...Anita IS GIFTED.
My session with Anita was an extremely INSIGHTFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE experience for me! She was able to identify my key blockages with her inutitive insights. This has helped no only in increasing my awareness of root causes, but also learning how to move forward and heal from some of my issues. Anita made practical recommendations including nutritional, self care and healing techniques that have already helped improve my life, and I look forward to working more with her!

Anita was so professional, kind, non-judgmental and nurturing to me throughout the process. She was able to dig up some deep wounds that I had been stuffing down for years. I had never had talked about them and yet she was able to bring them into the light and help me address them. Anita picked up on health issues, wounds, peoples names and feeling states I was having during our session with absolutely no direction or indication of this from me. This was so deep and so transformative! I cannot say enough amazing things about this service or Anita, who made me feel very safe and not judged throughout the entire process.

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